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KITENGE - African Wax Prints


In Africa, wax prints are referred as Kitenge in the east and simply as African Wax Prints in the west of Africa. African Print / Kitenge as it is most popularly knows as, is a multicolored, dark wax print and represents various moods, culture and tradition of native African people. Apart from having a high ethnic value, Kitenge is also an effective communication tool. It is one of the major communicating textiles popular all over Africa. The various colors, patterns and symbols represent moods, feelings, cultures, and traditions of native African people. These people dress in lovely colorful Kitenge as if to compete with tropical flowers, birds, insects, etc.

Kitenge are worn both by African women and men. It can be worn by just wrapping it over body
or by tailoring it into a custom designed dress. The patterns are generally black in color and uniformly spread.

It's 100% cotton content and Dark Colors, avoid perspiration and transparency at the same time. The clothing suits the hot environment of Africa, and keeps alive the traditional sentiments in the minds of African people. This all is made possible by modern tools of designing, processing and manufacturing.

METRO Kitenge comes guaranteed with 99% back to back Colour Penetration, Attractive Easy to Sell Designs, Variety of Colours, No Fade Quality & Very Good Border (Selvedge).

METRO Kitenge is the most preferred wear of the men and the woman throughout Africa.

Quantity in 1 x 20' Container = 144 to 270 Bales, 
Designs as per your requirements, 
3 Color ways in a container, 
Each Bale Contains 50 / 60 / 75 / 100 Pieces of 12 OR 6 Yards Each
Total Yards in one Container = 162,000 Yards *Approximately

Packaging : 
Each Piece is packed with hard cardboard with polythene packing.

Delivery Period : One Month from the Date of Receiving Samples for Orders

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